Sider Beton - Siderakis Beton company based in Viotia is active in the production and marketing of concrete and aggregates. The company was established in 2013, but the experience of its executives in the field of concrete has been counting since 1993.

Ready-mixed concrete is a building material derived from the aggregation of aggregates and is today the most important and most frequently used construction material. It is the safest and most economical building material with properties that are considered irreplaceable, such as durability and protection in different user environments. However, its production is an extremely complex process, mainly because of the different properties of the raw materials used. That is why our country is governed by a highly demanding Concrete Technology Regulation, which sets the standards that meet the requirements of modern constructions in the fields of safety and earthquake resistance.
Sider Beton has two concrete production units in Schimatari, Viotia and one production plant in Thiva, Viotia, and supplies public and private projects. With particular emphasis on quality, we have invested in the required mechanical equipment, so our units have a modern, automated production system. In addition, we use high quality inert materials to ensure the best quality of the finished product. At the same time, we carry out systematic, strict quality controls in both aggregates and concrete.

Particular emphasis is given to the selection of our staff, made up of highly qualified, highly trained professionals, aiming at providing high quality service to our clients. For all of the above reasons, Sider Beton in Boeotia has been on the rise since its inception, and has gained market confidence.

Today, the three modern production units in Schimatari and Thiva, Voiotia, produce ready-made concrete and aggregates that feed many public and private projects. The company has specialized personnel, state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and a strict quality control system, aiming at the production of concrete according to the Greek regulations for concrete technology, ensuring both the quality of the final products and the safety of the works. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers, consistently and reliably, responsibly and promptly covering all your needs. Our experienced, highly trained staff is always at your disposal for anything you need. In addition, Sider Beton has mobile units for powering projects in any place, if required.

Indicatively, we have undertaken the construction of wind turbine projects in cooperation with TERNA ENERGY SA and KAMMOS AETE, as well as various projects on the Island of Agios Georgios, thanks to the mobile projects of the National Road of Athens - Lamia, in cooperation with TERNA SA units we also have in cooperation with TERNA ENERGY SA. In addition, Sider Beton supplies factories such as ELVAL SA, SYMETAL SA and HELLENIC CABLES SA. Combining high-quality service with excellent quality, Sideris Beton is your most reliable partner who can successfully meet the demands of every project and the modern needs of the construction industry.